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Black Hole Free Jobs: Now Hiring!

KRAZOOM puts your resume in front HR professionals and hiring managers. Your resume is not read by computers or lost in their databases. Learn more.


KRAZOOM matches job seekers to the requirements in job postings. This saves time, avoids the black hole of resumes and results in more job interviews.
No keyword search for jobs or resumes!

Easily Match the requirements in 200,000 jobs and get more interviews!

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How it Works

KRAZOOM Workshops

Streamline Your Job Search, Get More Interviews - Fast!

Free Hands-On Workshops to avoid the Black Hole of Job Applications.

Mounting frustration among job seekers experiencing a lack of response to job applications has led us to create KRAZOOM. Instead of guessing keywords job seekers select requirements they can match from the job postings. KRAZOOM allows job seekers to easily find job postings where they match the job requirements and helps them optimize a resume in a way that leads to more interviews.

What you will learn

  • Find job postings where you match the requirements - fast and easy.
  • Automate your online job search.
  • Prepare your resume for each job application.

Bring your laptop and soft copy resume.

What they say

This is an incredibly helpful course! I attended June 25, because my resume wasn't getting noticed once pushed into cyberspace. Using each one of the tools I learned, I completely revamped my resume and overall job search approach. Not only did I start getting calls the week after the new resume went out, but on August 25 I start my new job doing exactly what I want to do, in a very well known, well respected Media Company. Read the original note on Meetup.com.

Krazoom training was the best I ever had. This job search model is unique. Instead of looking for a general job title and wasting hours on reading so many job postings, now I have what employers are looking for and not what I am looking for!

Jalal H. Jafri
This is a great resource for anyone who may be looking for a job/career change in the near future. I look forward to exploring Henning's program further and seeing what types of opportunities I may be actually excited to apply for.

Sarah Noonan

Stamford Innovation Center

175 Atlantic Street, Stamford CT, 06901



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September 17, 2014 12pm - 2pm Register
October 1, 2014 12pm - 2pm Register


One University Place, Stamford CITI Lab



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September 16, 2014 11am Register

Housatonic Community College

900 Lafayette Blvd Bridgeport, CT 06604

Room: BH 356



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September 10, 2014 12pm - 2pm call Debbie Kuchmas:
(203) 332-5279
September 24, 2014 12pm - 2pm call Debbie Kuchmas:
(203) 332-5279