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Free Hands-On Workshops to avoid the Black Hole of Job Applications.

Where: UConn Stamford Campus, CITI Lab: 2.55, One University Place, Stamford, CT

When: January 5, 2017, 1pm

Cost: free

Register: 203.251.9516 or

Mounting frustration among job seekers experiencing a lack of response to job applications has led us to create KRAZOOM. Instead of guessing keywords job seekers select requirements they can match from the job postings. KRAZOOM allows job seekers to easily find job postings where they match the job requirements and helps them optimize a resume in a way that leads to more interviews.

What you will learn

  • Find job postings where you match the requirements - fast and easy.
  • Automate your online job search.
  • Prepare your resume for each job application.

What they say

I would like to thank you for introducing me to your fabulous program Krazoom. It helped me perform a targeted employment search based on my unique background and industry preference. The best part was identifying all of the skill-sets that I possess and leveraging them to find the right role.

Laura Murphy

KRAZOOM has developed the technology which virtually eliminates the black hole in job search efforts. This is sheer genius.

Jackie Solimini, M.P.H.

I find the application very useful with my job searches as it matches my experience and skills with jobs.

Jonathan Maclay

I have used KRAZOOM and have encouraged job seekers to use KRAZOOM as it not only eliminates the amount of jobs a person is not matched or qualified for, it will also inform them of the Skills Gap that many do not realize is a crucial understanding of why they are not in the selection process for a position they have apllied for. Once a job seeker usues KRAZOOM and applies to positions with their skill level more and more of the ideal positions will present themselves, not a lot of hours spent in front of the computer at this point! This system also allows the Employer that is using KRAZOOM to match their employment opportunities to the best possible candidiate, making their job easier too! I want job seekers I work with to have the most chance of having their resume seen and KRAZOOM can help make that happen.

Desire Brooks, Program Manager and Career Coach

Please accept my endorsement for Krazoom as an excellent job search and placement tool. It has helped me become aware of opportunities, and better align myself with what employers are looking for in terms of skill sets and responsibilities.

Mark Weaver

I came to rely on krazoom in my jobsearch. It learned who i was and what i was looking for. It continued to refine my search asi it determined what i was responding to. Keywords make so much sense and were incorporated. Good stuff. I recommend.

Byron Cartozian

This is a great resource for anyone who may be looking for a job/career change in the near future. I look forward to exploring KRAZOOM further and seeing what types of opportunities I may be actually excited to apply for.

Sarah Noonan

This is an incredibly helpful course! I attended June 25, because my resume wasn't getting noticed once pushed into cyberspace. Using each one of the tools I learned, I completely revamped my resume and overall job search approach. Not only did I start getting calls the week after the new resume went out, but on August 25 I start my new job doing exactly what I want to do, in a very well known, well respected Media Company. Read the original note on


Krazoom training was the best I ever had. This job search model is unique. Instead of looking for a general job title and wasting hours on reading so many job postings, now I have what employers are looking for and not what I am looking for!

Jalal H. Jafri

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