Job Match

  • Employers screen out resumes that don't match the requirements on their job posting.
  • The average job posting on the internet has 20 skill and education requirements (40-80 keywords).

1 KRAZOOM finds the jobs where you match the requirements:

  • Select job titles and a work location.
  • Hit the Jobs tab to see the job listings.

2 Select Job Requirements you can match:

  • Click the Job Match button.
  • Select the requirements you can match from the list.
  • Return to the job listings. KRAZOOM sorts job listings where you match the most requirements (by percentage).
  • Create a job alert. This will save your selections and automate your search.

3 Keywords for your Resume:

  • Click "Keywords for your resume".
  • Copy, then paste the list of matching requirements into your resume. Now your resume does not get screened out by employers.

4 Additional KRAZOOM Functions

Click the image for a larger view.

Functions in the user menu allow you to manage:

  • Account
  • Resume
  • Job Alerts
  • Match Statistic
  • Gap Statistic
  • Job Log

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