KRAZOOM partners with training companies and schools to provide placement assistance for job seekers. Placement assistance is automated and part of KRAZOOM's service. Their is no cost for the partner or the job seeker. Placement assistance is 100% transparent for the job seeker.

Placement Assistance

During job search on KRAZOOM important data is collected from job seekers about their skills and education. This facilitates placement assistance and includes:

  • Skills Match profile
  • Skills Gap profile
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Job applications

Job seekers can share their data with facilitators.

Skills Match Profile

The Skills Match Profile is an itemized list of skills and education a job seeker matches. The list is generated from the requirements of jobs a job seeker desires.

Skills Gap Profile

The Skills Gap Profile is an itemized list of skills and education a job seeker does not match but is required by the job openings a job seeker desires to be placed in. The Skills Gap Profile is an opportunity for job seekers to close their gap by obtaining targeted training. This typially includes software products like Microsoft Office or certifications.

Resume Writing

Resumes communicate to employers the potential fit of a job seeker for a position. It is important that job seekers communicate through their resume how they match the job requirements. This increases the number of interviews a candidate gets. Job seekers are provided with the needed language for their resume.

Job Application

When job seekers apply for a job on KRAZOOM their resume is ranked by the number of matched requirements. This means, resumes are presented to employers in the order of matched requirements. This guarantees that no candidate with matching requirements can be overlooked by HR staff or resumes lost in databases. It gives control to the job seeker whether their resume gets attention by the employer. Job seekers have to match at least 50% of the requirements in order to apply for a job on KRAZOOM.

Partner Expectations

Partners are expected to promote KRAZOOM job search to job seekers and employers at their own cost.

Partner Benefits

Marketing to Job Seekers

Placement assistance is highly desired by job seekers. Partnering with KRAZOOM allows training companies and schools to attract more professionals by advertising and facilitating KRAZOOM's placement assistance. Partners can assist in interpreting individuals' Skills Gap Profile and recommend training.

Increase Business

KRAZOOM's Skills Gap Profile produces specific information which skills are missing when a job seeker applies for jobs. Partners have an opportunity to assist job seekers closing their gap by providing the needed training.

Free Marketing to Employers

Employers prefer job applicants with upgraded skills. KRAZOOM presents job applicants to employers with the itemized list of matched requirements. Training certificates are highlighted with name of training company or school, certificate and date of graduation.

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KRAZOOM partners with UCONN CITI

UCONN CITI is the Connecticut Information Technology Institute. CITI is part of UCONN School of Business.

Job Seeker Skills Gap Profile

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